We are happy that we offer the best and nothing else. Location of our projects is always on top of our best list. And it has to be, as well. For, what’s the point of living a luxurious life outside the city? When the city has so much to offer. Especially when the city is as vibrant as Bangalore. At Arlington Promenade you are at the heart of the city. Here, you are in tune with the rhythm of the city. Here, your heart and the city’s heart beat as one. Here life offers more joys and adventures than any other distant cocoon, ever can. Situated on Promenade Road, army offices surround the project.

Hence, there is greenery and cleanliness all around. And within the Arlington Promenade walls there is luxury and serenity. The project is only ten minutes’ drive away from M.G. Road. And within 5 km range from all the happening places Bangalore has to offer.